12/15 Too all my customers, Nashville and beyond: I have relocated to Clarksville TN @ Visual Bodhi 605 N. Riverside Dr. You can still contact me @ 931 220 0492 and I will offer 20$ off any tattoos coming from Nashville, a little over the cost of your gas to show my appreciation for your loyalty. Erin Sullins is also relocated to Monolith Tattoo in Nashville if you can't make the drive and need a great tattooer near you! ADD ME AND FOLLOW ME on facebook (Judy Jackson) so you can have more up to date info, sometimes i throw up specials:D With enough requests I will set up guest spots throughout next year in Nashville. For my Buffalo and N.T. people, I miss you but am not sure when my next guest spot will be. Happy Holidays and warm thoughts to all my favorite people. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES AND KEEP BEING GREAT! Hope to see you all again!

9/26/13 I'm back! Full time tattooing. I couldn't stay away. At the moment I am looking to expand my street team. There are benefits to joining if you are interested, and it's really very simple. Just by handing someone my card when they ask who does your work. Private message me to talk about it and Ill get you started. At the moment I will still be appointment only, but I've planted the seed, and depending on how fast we can make it grow, I will be available at any time. If you don't see your tattoo on the site, it's not because I didn't think it was worth it...it is probably be because I haven't updated it in a very long time. Email or message me clean pics of the work so I can add you. Sailorjudy@hotmail.com 931 220 0492

3/10/13 The shop is doing well, i haven't seen some of my old clients at the new place yet, so it doesn't feel quite like home yet. Maybe you'll find your way soon:) I'd like to announce a graduation.. ERIN SULLINS, Apprentice of the Year is now ARTIST status on her licence. I am really proud to say that... and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to pass on the knowledge that my friends once shared with me. She is doing a BANGARANG job and you should come be a part of her movin' on up party! I am running different specials every month, only on facebook so click the link to be blown away by major savings and comical thoughts. Also, and in conclusion, I forgot what I was going to say! See You Soon!!

4/2/12 The new studio is working out great! Now to find all my clients:) Let's see, whats new....Oh yeah! I have finally decided to take on an apprentice. Ms. Erin Sullins is picking up what i lay down with the quickness and is ready to start practicing on "human canvas" anyone who is interested in being a part of an upcoming artists baby steps should contact me for an appointment. There will be a 20$ charge for my supplies, but after that a tip is up to you. There is, however, certain areas on the body and some designs that will be out of the question until she is more experienced. She is offering free touch ups for life as well and is very closely monitored. I could go on and on, but ill save that for when you call to set up an appointment:) Happy Zombie Jesus day in advance!

11/4/11 You probably already know, I decided to stay in Clarksville TN. I have not been doing conventions as I am opening my own private studio at 139 Dean Dr. after the first of next year. See you then!

3/11 Headed to TN from March 10th til April 4th, to be in 3 tattoo conventions and guest spot at No Egrets in Clarksville. Here's the list of dates:
March 14th-17th: No Egrets from noon to 10pm (reach me on my cell 931-220-0492 for an appointment)
March 18th-20th: LOUISVILLE TATTOO ARTS CONVENTION @ hyatt regency, downtown
March 21st-31st: No Egrets from noon to 10pm April 1st-3rd: BOWLING GREEN KY TATTOO CONVENTION @ Sloan Convention Center...
also there is an art show at No Egrets on March 26th. There is info on facebook for that event. COME GET YOU SOME!

AM JAM was a good time, met a ton of great artists and bought lots of prints...tattooed some Syracuse flesh and got excited about working many more conventions in 2011. In the midst of booking 3 shows and a Clarksville guest spot, so i can spend some time in Amazing TN and tattoo all my regulars(who i miss very much!)

12/19/10 Ok, so i have been slacking on my updates! Clarksville guest spot went well, saw friends and tattooed them all:) Canton and Richmond were a great success, they motivated me to work a convention finally. I enjoy going and meeting the artists, buying prints and stocking up on supplies while avoiding shipping costs, but now i will get to be on the other side of the booth, along with Chuck from Faith In Ink (Buffalo). In other news, I got enough requests to pierce to get me moving on that and as of this week I am set up and ready to poke holes in you!! Planning lots of travel in 2011 so keep an eye on the tattoo magazines, you may see me!

9/16/10 Working on the shop this month, new art, new concepts. Also planning conventions to attend and represent Tattoo Saints. I will be at the CANTON TATTOO CLASSIC the weekend of Oct.1st, and the RICHMOND TATTOO ARTS FESTIVAL the weekend of Nov. 19th. Planning my guest spot in Clarksville TN, Oct. 25th through Nov. 6th to work on my awesome Tennessee clients and celebrate my 28th birthday!

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